E-Cigarettes: What Vaping Does to Your Body

If you’ve chosen to use an e-cigarette, either in place or tobacco or as a habit all on its own, you may have wondered if your choice of vape box is having any hazardous effects on your body. With the increase in vape box popularity, more recent studies have attempted shed some light on that issue. So, what exactly does vaping do to your body?

What exactly is an e-cigarette/vape box?

For those of you unaware (maybe you’re researching for a friend!), an e-cigarette (also known as a vape box), is a battery powered handheld smoking device that works by heating up e-juice or finely ground smokeable tobacco or medical marijuana to its vaporization point and then allowing the vape user to inhale it, similar to a cigarette. These devices have been around for a long time but have recently significantly increased in popularity and accessibility. Often times the e-juice will contain nicotine (the same active ingredient that is in a cigarette), as well as other chemicals such as formaldehyde, vegetable glycerin (this creates the “plume” effect) and flavoring agents.

Are they FDA regulated?

Recently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – which is the same organization responsible for regulating the health and safety of food and drug products – announced that they will expand their range from traditional cigarettes into vape boxes. They also recently passed laws that will restrict the sale and consumption of products from vape boxes to over 18, the same as traditional cigarettes. These laws will be strictly enforced, so be aware if you are a vaper under the age of 18.  See more this site

So what do we know about their effect on the human body?

Here’s what we do know about vape boxes :  they are still much safer for human consumption than smoking traditional cigarettes. That’s not to say that they are totally without risk, however. The issue lies mostly with both the chemical  additives and the fact that many vape box users are “dual users,” meaning they still continue to at least occasionally smoke cigarettes as well as vaping. Also, nicotine is nicotine no matter the method of inhalation. There is a definitive cancer risk associated with any inhalation or ingestion of nicotine. It is also considered a cardiovascular stimulant which is associated with potential heart issues like tachycardia (heart racing) and other heart disease. It also can effect blood vessels, leading to increased risk of heart attack. The chemical in some of the e-juice can also irritate the eyes as well, due to the increased chemical compounds being vaporized and inhaled. Also, another and far less considered risk is that lithium ion batteries can often explode when they overheat. So while they are better for your than smoking and importantly better for your beard, they still aren’t the best and only quitting will be the best option, however if you aren’t ready to do that yet, you can at least keep your beard healthy by caring for your beard every day with a trim and once a week with a more thorough trim, you should also be taking something like these, beard growth vitamins daily and following advice from sites like this.

When deciding to make the switch from tobacco or just taking up a new habit, it’s important to consider how it will affect your body. Although not a large risk, vape boxes still pose many of the same risks as traditional cigarette consumption and should be thought of as similar products. Use a vape box at your own risk. See more this site: http://www.originalwheelbarrowscreener.com/e-cigarettes-vaping-body/

That said what effects does vaping have on your home? well fortunately it’s much better for your home than smoking was so if you’ve just transitioned you can feel safe in the knowledge that yes you can now renovate your home to remove that stale smoke smell an the yellowing from the toxins. A first step would be a deep cleanse. Following that you’ll need expert advice on how to rip boards and mould wood to your will, but it won’t be long until your renovation is complete.