Coughing From Vaping: Here Are Some Reasons Why

Whether you are choosing vape mod kits or a vape pen for the very first time, you are sure to look forward to what the experience has to offer. Unfortunately, there are thousands who end up experience the very common vaping cough. Now, for most, they are really worried about vaping as they think it’s going to lead to a long-term vaping cough. It doesn’t have to be but there are many who experience a simple cough from vaping. Why do many new vaping enthusiasts experience a cough?

Irritation from Ingredients

Even with the best vape pen, a vapor can experience a vaping cough. The main reason why is simply because their throats and lungs are not used to this new thing. When the vapor hits the back of the throat, it can cause the throat to become irritated and that can start off a cough. Of course, it doesn’t help if you are dehydrated after vaping. Nine times out of ten, the cough is from irritation. It’s a major issue and really one that brings a lot of trouble for most people too.

The Lungs Don’t Like What They Feel

In all honesty, smoker’s bodies get used to the smoke that fills their lungs but with vaping, it’s a totally new experience. For some users, they struggle to get used to it and often find it’s their lungs which cause the coughs. In truth, the lungs think it’s a foreign matter being introduced to them and, as such, they see it as a threat. Essentially, the lungs want to get the substance out and that can mean a cough can develop. Sometimes, your body has to adjust to using the vape mod kits before the coughing can stop. You wouldn’t think it would be such a problem but it is and many newcomers struggle with it too. More details here:

Too Much Nicotine

Many newcomers do not really get how much nicotine is within the e-juice or e-liquid they are vaping with and it’s causing a lot of problems. When the nicotine levels are too high and the body is not used to this type of level, it will cause coughing to occur. The body can’t really handle high amounts of nicotine at any one time and it causing major issues. You can be using the best vape pen but if the nicotine is too high for the body, you’ll soon know about it. That’s why it’s advisable to look at reducing how much nicotine you use at any one time.

It Takes Time to Get Used To Vaping

When people vape for the first time, their bodies are not used to it and sometimes that means it reacts in a host of ways in order to feel secure again. For some, they actually vomit at vaping since they aren’t used to the impact and for others, they experience a cough. In truth, it will take real time to get used to vaping even if you have smoked in the past. Use the right vape mod kits and hopefully you’ll avoid the cough.