Vaporizer Heating Elements: Three Types You Need To Know To Understand

Anyone who has taken just five seconds to analyze the extent of the vaporizer market rapidly notes that several brands promote their heating element as the best available while pointing out the health risks connected with their competitors’ models. The evaluation of all these statements can be a great task. The purpose of this article is not to support a special type of heating element, but to gather the available information regarding the heating elements in one place to help people make well-versed decisions when purchasing a vaporizer.

Types of Heating Elements:


Ceramic heating elements are the most common heating elements. Its defenders argue that they are the cleanest option and so the healthiest. This statement is true: ceramics can endure high temperatures before the material begins to transform into gas and, therefore, is healthy and very clean. Several companies take this logic a step added and argue that, because other types of heating elements have minor boiling points, they are less healthy and dirtier. This argument is rather flawed: though many other heating elements have lower boiling points, these points are generally still well above the usual vaporization temperatures.

Low quality ceramic elements are poorly reflected in all ceramic heating elements, which is regrettable because a stylish ceramic element is also very clean. The heating elements on the top of the line are very accurate, while accuracy is a function of the circuit and the computer chip technology used with the heating element.


Some of the best vaporizers use aluminum heating elements on the market. Manufacturers say that aluminum is more accurate than ceramic elements since it responds quickly to changes in temperature: One reason why the Volcano maintains this right temperature control is that it uses an aluminum element and block, and aluminum has properties that are separate from practical designs with ceramic.

An aluminum element and block can be adjusted more quickly to the effects of material air pressure. The key to vaporization is to maintain control over temperature and flow, which eventually leads to ideal control over vapor density. Critics of vaporizers with aluminum heating elements cite the health risks connected with contact to aluminum, that is, an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. Click here.


Glass is mostly similar to ceramics when it comes to heating elements. Currently, just one vaporizer with a glass heating element is available: the Vapolution Vaporizer.

Choose a Vaporizer with the Right Heating Element

At last, choosing a heating element is a matter of personal picking. Health reflections are paramount for some, while accuracy can dictate the options of others. Those concerned about health must be warned that the kind of plastic hose used and the kind of plastic tube used in the various models are very relevant; however, this is a subject for another article. The most exclusive vaporizers clearly have the best heating elements, this is a big part of what you are paying, but some midrange models provide rather viable options. Does a little research before buying as well, it will be worth it.

Best Tips to Get Your E-Cigarette Something Your Palette Is Used To?

Buying an e-cig can be highly popular today. E-cigs are something which more and more are using today in order to help them cut down on the amount of cigarettes being used. However, for many new users getting to grips with their e-cigs can be a different story. Most often find they are not so crazy over the taste that comes with the e-cig. That’s a problem because not liking the taste can be a real put-off for most. However, there are a few simple ways to help get the palette used to the taste.

Always Start Off Slowly

People try to use their new e-cigs constantly from the time they get them until they go off to bed but that’s not the ideal way to start with them. You have to remember your palette is not used to the taste of the electronic cigarettes and it’s unfortunate to say the least. These devices can be very volatile at the best of times and if you don’t give your palette time to adjust things aren’t going to get any better. However, if you can start off using these e-cigs slowly then it’ll be easier. The e-cig could be used only once a day for a few minutes before stretching the time you use it slightly longer. It’s something to think about nonetheless.

Consider Using Fruity Flavours

Do you think you are going to like traditional tobacco flavours? Sometimes with your vape device, the flavours you use will make all the difference and you should consider it too. Some flavours are not going to appeal to you and when they don’t you might find it harder to enable your palette to enjoy the e-cigs a little more. You really need to think about the type of e-cigs you are using and the flavours of e-liquids being used too. Far too many people are using flavours that they don’t like. Always think about the flavours being used so that the right ones can be found and your palette will enjoy them too.

Adjusting Takes Time

Using the e-cig for the first time can be simple enough but often a lot of people don’t enable their palettes time to adjust. Adjusting to the flavour of the palette is important simply because it isn’t used to this. If it’s not used to these new flavours then it probably won’t appreciate them. That’s why time is needed for the palette to adjust to the e-cigs.

Enjoy Using Your E-Cigs Today

Vaping and using electronic cigarettes have become popular and yet a lot of users still aren’t used to them. The reason why is because their palettes don’t enjoy it! The problem is that their palettes haven’t been given the time to adjust to this new thing and for most, it’s a strange thing. However, looking at how often you use the device when you first begin as well as giving the palette time to adjust to this new taste will help to make the e-cigs a lot more enjoyable. Whether you use your vape device or e-cig, your palette needs time to adjust to it.

E-Cigarettes: What Vaping Does to Your Body

If you’ve chosen to use an e-cigarette, either in place or tobacco or as a habit all on its own, you may have wondered if your choice of vape box is having any hazardous effects on your body. With the increase in vape box popularity, more recent studies have attempted shed some light on that issue. So, what exactly does vaping do to your body?

What exactly is an e-cigarette/vape box?

For those of you unaware (maybe you’re researching for a friend!), an e-cigarette (also known as a vape box), is a battery powered handheld smoking device that works by heating up e-juice or finely ground smokeable tobacco or medical marijuana to its vaporization point and then allowing the vape user to inhale it, similar to a cigarette. These devices have been around for a long time but have recently significantly increased in popularity and accessibility. Often times the e-juice will contain nicotine (the same active ingredient that is in a cigarette), as well as other chemicals such as formaldehyde, vegetable glycerin (this creates the “plume” effect) and flavoring agents.

Are they FDA regulated?

Recently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – which is the same organization responsible for regulating the health and safety of food and drug products – announced that they will expand their range from traditional cigarettes into vape boxes. They also recently passed laws that will restrict the sale and consumption of products from vape boxes to over 18, the same as traditional cigarettes. These laws will be strictly enforced, so be aware if you are a vaper under the age of 18.  See more this site

So what do we know about their effect on the human body?

Here’s what we do know about vape boxes :  they are still much safer for human consumption than smoking traditional cigarettes. That’s not to say that they are totally without risk, however. The issue lies mostly with both the chemical  additives and the fact that many vape box users are “dual users,” meaning they still continue to at least occasionally smoke cigarettes as well as vaping. Also, nicotine is nicotine no matter the method of inhalation. There is a definitive cancer risk associated with any inhalation or ingestion of nicotine. It is also considered a cardiovascular stimulant which is associated with potential heart issues like tachycardia (heart racing) and other heart disease. It also can effect blood vessels, leading to increased risk of heart attack. The chemical in some of the e-juice can also irritate the eyes as well, due to the increased chemical compounds being vaporized and inhaled. Also, another and far less considered risk is that lithium ion batteries can often explode when they overheat. So while they are better for your than smoking and importantly better for your beard, they still aren’t the best and only quitting will be the best option, however if you aren’t ready to do that yet, you can at least keep your beard healthy by caring for your beard every day with a trim and once a week with a more thorough trim, you should also be taking something like these, beard growth vitamins daily and following advice from sites like this.

When deciding to make the switch from tobacco or just taking up a new habit, it’s important to consider how it will affect your body. Although not a large risk, vape boxes still pose many of the same risks as traditional cigarette consumption and should be thought of as similar products. Use a vape box at your own risk. See more this site:

That said what effects does vaping have on your home? well fortunately it’s much better for your home than smoking was so if you’ve just transitioned you can feel safe in the knowledge that yes you can now renovate your home to remove that stale smoke smell an the yellowing from the toxins. A first step would be a deep cleanse. Following that you’ll need expert advice on how to rip boards and mould wood to your will, but it won’t be long until your renovation is complete.

What Is Vaping Cough And How Can You Avoid It?

When people start off using vapor mods, a lot of people have trouble adjusting. You wouldn’t think vaping would present a few issues and yet it truly does. One of the biggest concerns most people find is that they start off with a cough. Now, having a vaping cough is not only tricky but really frustrating and it’s something that makes people think twice about vaping. So, what is the vaping cough and can you really avoid it?

A Common Complaint

In all honesty, there are thousands who find when they first start to vape, they run into difficulties with coughing. The vaping cough is a very common ailment and certainly something more experience. In truth, most first-time vapors run into this but usually it’s a temporary measure and one that is usually gone within a few hours, sometimes a day or two. However, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. A lot of people use their pod mod and end up with a bad cough so newcomers need to find ways to ensure they avoid this complaint.

Why The Vaping Cough Starts?

It all begins with the active ingredients within the e-liquids. Propylene glycol is one common ingredient used for vaping liquids and juices and this can cause some irritation. When this hits the throat the user can feel like they need to cough and some people can fall into a fit of coughing. It’s annoying and usually something that is hard to avoid at the best of times. The reason why is simply because our bodies aren’t so much used to propylene glycol and even if we use vaping for only a short while, it can still hit our throats. That is why most people experience the vaping cough when using their vapor mods. For most people, they are sensitive to this ingredient while others are allergic.

Getting Used To Vaping

However, once you have been vaping for a little while, this cough can essentially go away. That might sound a bit crazy but you have to remember the body isn’t used to consuming PG (propylene glycol) and as such, it can cause our bodies to go haywire. However, over time, the body gets used to vaping and the PG too so it can prevent having a long-term vaping cough. A pod mod can still be used but you have to allow your body time to adjust to this new thing. Sometimes, it takes a while for you to learn to get used to it all.

Reducing Your Strengths

It might be more than wise to start off vaping with low amounts of nicotine and PG so that the body gets used to them. That might not prevent coughing as some might not experience it but others will. It can vary so in a sense, there isn’t any real way to prevent the cough; although if you keep yourself hydrated during and after the vaping process, you might hopefully keep the cough at bay after using your vapor mods. It can depend really.

Avoid the Cough

It might not always be possible to avoid the vapors cough but if you keep hydrated and use small amounts then maybe it is possible in a sense. You never really know how you’ll react when it comes to vaping but hopefully you’ll avoid the old cough. Enjoy using your pod mod today.

Check out this post for more informations:

How to Stop Vapers Cough

Thousands using a vapor pen can often run into trouble with a vapers cough. Now, you don’t often expect vapors to experience a cough but it’s a very common ailment to say the least. For most, though, they want to know whether or not it’s possible to actually stop this cough before it gets worse. So, how can you stop vapers cough? Read on to find out more.

Change the Way You Inhale

A lot of people buy a vape pen starter kit and break it out vaping 24 hours a day. While you can do that, it’s not advisable. However, one of the biggest reasons why you might be experiencing a vaper’s cough is the way you inhale. A lot of people opt for the mouth to lung hit as they think this will be the best way to get the vapor to the lungs enhancing their experience. While this can be a good option it’s not for everyone and it might be time to change your approach. If you want to stop a vaper’s cough you will need to look at inhaling differently. For instance, instead of opting for the mouth to lung inhale, why not hold the vapor in your mouth for a second or two? This might help prevent a cough building up.

Watch Your OHM Resistance

When you are using a low OHM you are going to get a harsher and often hotter vape. However, when this occurs, you might find you are more likely to cough which is a major issue to say the least. That is why you have to look at adjusting the OHM resistance so that you get a less harsh vape. Doing this will be ideal and really a necessity when it comes to stopping the old cough from taking hold. A vapor pen can be an ideal vaping tool but you have to ensure the cough isn’t a problem for you.

Why Are You Coughing?

There could be a number of reasons as to why you experience the vapers cough. For instance, it could be your mouth is not used to this type of thing and can take an adverse reaction to it. It could also be that you have inhaled far too much and as a result, you cough. Of course, it could also be down to the fact that you are just simply not used to vaping and it could be affecting your lungs. It takes a lot of time for the body to readjust even when using a vape pen starter kit. You have to give this time.

Stopping the Cough

For most people, they find the vaper’s cough to be extremely frustrating and that even when they have tried drinking more water before and after, they still get the cough. In truth, there are one or two ways to reduce the possibility of coughing and remember everyone will react differently to vaping. It could be until you are used to vaping, you experience a lot of coughs. Keep on with your vapor pen and hopefully the coughing should stop.

Coughing From Vaping: Here Are Some Reasons Why

Whether you are choosing vape mod kits or a vape pen for the very first time, you are sure to look forward to what the experience has to offer. Unfortunately, there are thousands who end up experience the very common vaping cough. Now, for most, they are really worried about vaping as they think it’s going to lead to a long-term vaping cough. It doesn’t have to be but there are many who experience a simple cough from vaping. Why do many new vaping enthusiasts experience a cough?

Irritation from Ingredients

Even with the best vape pen, a vapor can experience a vaping cough. The main reason why is simply because their throats and lungs are not used to this new thing. When the vapor hits the back of the throat, it can cause the throat to become irritated and that can start off a cough. Of course, it doesn’t help if you are dehydrated after vaping. Nine times out of ten, the cough is from irritation. It’s a major issue and really one that brings a lot of trouble for most people too.

The Lungs Don’t Like What They Feel

In all honesty, smoker’s bodies get used to the smoke that fills their lungs but with vaping, it’s a totally new experience. For some users, they struggle to get used to it and often find it’s their lungs which cause the coughs. In truth, the lungs think it’s a foreign matter being introduced to them and, as such, they see it as a threat. Essentially, the lungs want to get the substance out and that can mean a cough can develop. Sometimes, your body has to adjust to using the vape mod kits before the coughing can stop. You wouldn’t think it would be such a problem but it is and many newcomers struggle with it too. More details here:

Too Much Nicotine

Many newcomers do not really get how much nicotine is within the e-juice or e-liquid they are vaping with and it’s causing a lot of problems. When the nicotine levels are too high and the body is not used to this type of level, it will cause coughing to occur. The body can’t really handle high amounts of nicotine at any one time and it causing major issues. You can be using the best vape pen but if the nicotine is too high for the body, you’ll soon know about it. That’s why it’s advisable to look at reducing how much nicotine you use at any one time.

It Takes Time to Get Used To Vaping

When people vape for the first time, their bodies are not used to it and sometimes that means it reacts in a host of ways in order to feel secure again. For some, they actually vomit at vaping since they aren’t used to the impact and for others, they experience a cough. In truth, it will take real time to get used to vaping even if you have smoked in the past. Use the right vape mod kits and hopefully you’ll avoid the cough.